Deputy President and Honorary Treasurer presented for election in May

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Rachael Fraser - Communications Executive posted this 08 March 2019

We can now confirm that Imperial College London’s Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor Stephen Richardson, and Johnson Matthey’s Mr Iain Martin, will be presented for election at the Annual General Meeting in May, as Deputy President and Honorary Treasurer respectively.

The call for nominations for the two vacancies opened on 25 January and closed on 15 February 2019. Richardson and Martin both ran unopposed, and after considering both applicants’ experience, reputation and capabilities, the Nominations Committee unanimously supported both candidates. 

If elected, Richardson will serve a six-month term as Deputy President, to allow time for him to get up to speed with the activities of the Board of Trustees, and will become President in November 2019:

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Andrew Bailey posted this 11 March 2019

Can the IChemE please clarify for me what provisions are in place for the election of a Board member where there is only one nomination in place?  I assume that in an uncontested ballot, voting for the candidate has the effect that your vote is recorded, and cannot affect the outcome of the election, therefore the nominee will be elected at the AGM?  This means that Prof. Richardson will be elected as the Deputy President, and Iain Martin will be elected the Honorary Treasurer, at the AGM in May?


Paul McLaughlin posted this 12 March 2019

Part of By-law 77: 

Provided that if the candidates nominated for any class of vacancy are not more in number than the vacancies of that class the persons so nominated shall be deemed to be duly elected and there shall be no ballot with respect to that class of vacancy.

So as there is one Deputy President vacancy and one Honorary Treasurer vacancy, and one nominee for each there won't be a ballot.

Andrew Bailey posted this 12 March 2019

Thanks Paul - my assumption that there will be two 'coronations' is therefore correct.

It's a great shame that only one person felt able to stand for DP as there is no opportunity to find out what the lone nominee stands for and hopes to achieve during their time as a Trustee.  I would hope that Professor Richardson (if he is on Interface) feels able to present his vision for the future of the IChemE to 2021 and beyond on here.  


Maybe it's also time to review the role of President and to perform some 'division of labour' so that, for example, 'ceremonial' and 'executive' duties are separated out to make these volunteer role(s) more attractive and achievable to a broader number of members.  On this point, I'll also raise the diversity card again - with the notable exceptions of Judith Hackett, Ramesh Mashelkar and Julia Higgins, we will continue to add to the perception that the Institution is dominated by white, 'middle-aged' men until the day when we have a more diverse choice.

Bill Harper posted this 13 March 2019


Given the current level of uncertainty and trepidation many of us are feeling at the moment in our personal affairs and careers, I think we need to all be extremely grateful that someone with the reputation and experience that Stephen possesses has being prepared to take on the role of Deputy President at this time.

Hopefully a wider cross section of membership will be prepared to stand in future.

However I do agree that if the significant gear change indicated by Ken in a recent post is to be achieved, then Stephen will need to rapidly assert himself through Interface and other channels. We all need to offer him all the support he needs as he does this



Tara Wilson - Head of Communications posted this 14 March 2019

Hi everyone, 

Just to confirm, as per Paul's reply, both Stephen Richardson and Iain Martin will be presented for election at the AGM (because they cannot be formally elected before the AGM). However, as per By-law 77, because there were no other candidates for the roles, they are therefore deemed to be duly elected at the AGM.



Andrew Bailey posted this 14 March 2019

Bill Harper said:

Given the current level of uncertainty and trepidation many of us are feeling at the moment in our personal affairs and careers ......

Are you suggesting that our profession faces an uncertain future and may be in some form of jeopardy?  Is this a UK-only view or based in a broader context?

Bill Harper posted this 15 March 2019

Good question Andrew.

I am certainly of that mind, and suspect it may stretch further than UK.

What do other people think?


Bill Harper posted this 19 March 2019


On the website under Strategy 2022 it states that the Strategy will be communicated to the membership during Q1 2019.

Please is there an update on this, as the end of Q1 is approaching fast.



Ken Rivers - President posted this 22 March 2019

Hi Bill, I think it will slip into early Q2 given we are so close to end of March. I have very valuable input from Congress which need to digest before take next steps, Ken

Bill Harper posted this 23 March 2019

Thanks Ken for the update.

Myself and I am sure many others would be pleased to help get this vital deliverable finished,

So don't hesitate to ask


Ken Rivers - President posted this 07 May 2019

HI Bill, sorry for delay in replying. I have been away on holiday. And thank you again for your offer of help and support, Ken