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  • Last Post 24 December 2019

Group webmasters: Please use this thread for comments and observations on the test site we have given you access to.

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Thanks for your early feedback Martin.

As I explained, this is an early draft version and there's a lot of functionality missing still. I wanted to release this to testers early to allow them to experience the environment and give me some free-format thoughts. This is why there is no test plan. If you feel unable to participate without a formal test plan, that's not a problem and I won't expect to hear any more from you until future releases.

The basic editor is not useless. It may not be as full-featured as you'd like for now, but that is easily changed and it is far more handy to receive constructive criticism of what features you'd like to see than a blanket emotive "it's useless", really.

The page layout and design are out of scope. We have every faith in the designers who are working with layout. They will continue to adapt this as more content appears but they are the experts. One of the common criticisms I've heard of IChemE pages, including the SLP group pages, it must be said, is that it lacks space and looks crowded. This exemplifies the subjectivity of design, I'm afraid.

If you explain exactly what you were trying to do in point 5 and what failed, I can see if I can work out if it can be done.

I'm happy for you to attempt to recreate pages as this is allowing you to familiarise yourself with the tools available.  However the new site uses a different for listing resources, not the one you're used to. An example of a resource-list page can be seen in one of the test groups here.

The media picker is missing from the toolbar by design, not mistaken omission.


Carl Edwards - Online Services & Dev. Manager posted this 06 July 2018

A member said:

So how do I embed a small icon as I have done in the page I have already referenced? 

You can't, as that is not something we want to allow in the pages at present. We have deliberately left out the media picker as we do not feel there is a clearly identified need for it yet. If testing shows that this is a required feature, we will consider how best to implement that functionality.

The issue of entity codes for accented letters etc. is very important.

There are settings within TinyMCE that can be adapted to allow for special characters among other things. I will make sure that this is looked into.

Katie Sharma - Member Communities posted this 06 July 2018

Hi all

I was going to email this to Carl directly but thought it would be better to post here so we can all discuss together.

I have created my first event webpage today. I found the new platform a lot easier to use and much quicker. Hopefully being more user friendly will make it easier for committees to recruit Webmasters. Uploading a document was much easier and attaching it to the event page. I think the layout of the page is much more end user friendly, having all the main event info (date, price, location) at the top of page rather than having to search down the page.

A couple of things I noticed for review:

There is only the option for one price point on an event. We sometimes have more, we can have a member rate, non-member rate, student rate all on one event.

I am not sure if the 'Find out more' is obvious for booking on the event - this may form part of the end user testing.

When I tried to search for the event I had created - from the main home screen - it didn't return any results. When searching in the member community page it did return my event.

I am going to try uploaded webinar slide and recording links next. Will let you know the outcome.

Katie Sharma - Member Communities posted this 09 July 2018

I have embedded a link for a webinar and slides to the new site, it was quick and easy to do. I have used the same format as we do currently which allows users to stream only. We upload the webinars to Vimeo for storage and don't allow downloads. This could be a discussion at SIG forum in the Autumn if you have received feedback from SIG members that this is an issue. If the webinars are made available to download, the user will be able to pass it on to others (non-members etc.).

I personally would not want to see a new content editor that requires volunteer members to be coding Wizz’s, we already struggle to find volunteers to fulfill this role. From the feedback I have receive from the MGs/SIGs over the past three years (via committee meetings, one-to-one conversations, minutes from meetings, SIG/MG Forum etc.) they are looking for a system that is easier to use both in speed and technique so that webpage creation, uploading a document, sending an email etc. can be performed in a few minutes over break/lunch. The goal is to allow groups to be as independent as they wish to be.

Martin - please could you advise how you have come to the conclusion of needing the extra's?

Many thanks

Thanks for your further input Martin. I already have an existing backlog item in place for a future sprint which will address the TinyMCE editor and which functions we allow in the initial release.

As people have emailed me their comments, there's no need for you to be concerned about checking for any conflicting requirements, thank you. I did initially hope there may be room for debate on Interface but it is clear from the responses I've had that some people aren't keen to use this platform for that purpose.

I have now had a chance to use the new web site version of the TinyMCE editor to insert an anchor into a test page. As the anchor does not render in the displayed page the only currently provided way to check that it has actually been created is to view the HTML source.


It does show the anchor position. It's clearly visible in the screenshot I just took of one I entered.

It's possible you may have a browser issue as this works in Internet Explorer Edge, Firefox and Chrome for me.

Mr A Shrivastava Ashish Shrivastava posted this 24 December 2019


I am a member of Fluid Separations SIG. I tried several times to access the past recordings of Webinars posted at the SIG site in the Year 2011 to 2014, but none of the links are opening and returns with an error page. I request help on how to access these recordings for learning. Thanks and regards Ashish Shrivastava