IChemE announces call for candidates to become next President

  • Last Post 29 January 2019
Tara Wilson - Head of Communications posted this 25 January 2019

The call for nominations is now open for two vacancies on the Board of Trustees; President for 2019/2020 (Deputy President from May 2019 to November 2019) and Honorary Treasurer.

Read the news story here:  http://bit.ly/2sLlDsz

Those seeking election to the Board of Trustees are advised to read the relevant role profiles and the Trustee Code of Conduct to gain a clear picture of obligations and competencies. Each nomination should include a photograph, brief biographical details and a short election statement. It should also be supported by five Voting members and include the nominees. The nomination form(s) can be downloaded here, and must be received by the Chief Executive on or before 15 February 2019.

Presidential Succession

A new Deputy President will be elected in May, following the decision taken by Dr Andrew Thompson to stand down from the role. They will serve a six-month term as Deputy President before becoming the President in November 2019.

This decision to allow a six-month term as Deputy President has been taken to permit time for the successful candidate to get up to speed before they take office. To that end, the Board of Trustees have also agreed that it is on the best interests of the charity to ask current President, Mr Ken Rivers, to extend his time in office by six months.

The new Deputy President will be elected at the May AGM and then become President (delivering their Presidential Address) in November 2019. For continuity, the Board of Trustees have confirmed that they consider it necessary for the new President to also serve for eighteen months, so that they also serve a full three-year term as a Trustee. This means that they will hand over the chains of office in May 2021.

The Deputy President position will therefore not be filled for the six months from November 2019 to May 2020, when a new Deputy President will be elected. They will serve the full term of 12 months and become President in May 2021, returning the Presidential succession to its traditional timetable.

Honorary Treasurer

The position of Honorary Treasurer has been opened for nominations. The current Honorary Treasurer, Mr Ian Martin, has confirmed that he is content to stand for re-election for a further year, but if any member with the relevant experience would like to be considered for the role, then they are welcome to submit their nomination.

Nomination Packs

All Voting members (Chartered and Fellows) have been sent an email today with further details and nomination papers. This will be followed by a hard-copy nominations pack, to be received by post.

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Bill Harper posted this 25 January 2019

In relation to the Trustee election notice and the Trustees who are to be rolled over into next year, please for completeness and transparency would it be possible in each case to

i) State the dates of their election and the period of office which was in place at that point, (and if co-opted, the date of their election to the post that permitted this)

ii) Report key metrics regarding their contribution during the last year, such as Trustee Meetings attended, visits to Member Groups, SIG activities, Interface posts, strategic interactions with key stakeholders universities, employers, other PEIs etc.


Many Thanks


Jon Prichard - Chief Executive IChemE posted this 29 January 2019


Thank you for these queries. which are very helpful  Responding in order:

i)    The trustee terms are as shown in the Financial accounts which are available here: https://www.icheme.org/about-us/governance/reports/financial-accounts/ .  I have emailed you a copy of the Charter and By-laws from 2014, should you wish to confirm for yourself the relevant clauses.  But I am happy to confirm that all trustee appointments have been made in accordance with the By-laws that were in place at the time of appointment.

ii)    There has been no change to the data that is collated on trustee activity since you completed your term of office as a trustee last year, so I am afraid that the detail that you have requested is not available.  However, I am pleased to be able to confirm that as a result of the changes that we introduced last year, all trustees are now actively engaged in a wide spectrum of activity (including leading and participating in working groups, committees and panels).  Additionally, last year as a part of the revised induction process, we agreed that as we establish the new governance model, we would look at Board effectiveness and evaluation as advocated in the Charity Governance Code (https://www.charitygovernancecode.org/en)